Hygienic Cleansing Lotion

Balneol® Features

Gentle Cleansing
Eases anal and vaginal discomfort for both sexes.

Soothing Relief
Mitigates irritation and itching in sensitive areas.

Silky, trusted lotion with lanolin and mineral oil.

Safe & Non-Medicated
Suitable during pregnancy and with hemorrhoid treatments.

On-the-go relief with convenient 3 oz bottles and packets, made in the USA.

Simple Application for Comforting Relief

How Balneol® Works

Utilize Balneol® with ease for immediate comfort and cleansing. Simply apply the lotion to toilet paper and wipe after a bowel movement or use between movements and at bedtime for additional relief. For gentle feminine cleansing, dispense Balneol® onto clean tissue, gently wiping and patting the external vaginal area. Feel free to repeat the application as needed for continual comfort and cleanliness throughout the day.

Hear From Our Satisfied Balneol® Customers

Soothing Success Stories


"Best product, recommend by my doctor, I have recommended it to my friends."

- Maryann S.
Love This Stuff!

“I switched to Balneol from wet wipes and I really prefer it. It is soothing and cleansing. I highly recommend this product.”

- Sarah M.

"So glad my Doctor recommended."

- Jon L.
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