An Iron as Unique as You Are

Feosol® Features

Potent Iron
Feosol® Original provides high-potency iron while Complete ensures easy absorption with a patented iron form.

Recommended & Innovative
Original features doctor-recommended Ferrous Sulfate; Complete has unique Bifera iron for absorption.

Daily Health Boost
Both products support red blood cell production, energy, and immunity with one daily dose.

Small, coated tablets and caplets in both lines are designed for effortless consumption.

70-Year Trust
As a U.S. made product, Feosol® has been a trusted iron supplement innovator for over seven decades.

Two Distinct Iron Supplements

How Feosol® Works

Feosol® offers two distinct iron supplements to cater to your specific needs. Feosol® Original provides a powerful boost to your energy and immune system with small, once-daily coated tablets that support red blood cell production. Alternatively, for those seeking minimized side effects, Feosol® Complete employs a unique iron form that enhances absorption, requiring lower daily intake and reducing common side effects like constipation and nausea.

Hear From Our Satisfied Feosol® Customers

Trusted Iron Supplements

Quality I Can Trust

"Love the value when it comes to how much you get for the price, plus I know I can trust Feosol since it's been around forever."

- Danielle L.
No Issues

“This is the only product that has measurable results with no digestive issues at all”

- Sherri L.
Perfect For Me

“I needed something that would go easy on my stomach. Feosol Complete did the trick with no side effects.”

- Joe P.
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