Clinically Proven Joint Supplement

Dona® Key Features

Supports Joint Function
Helps maintain the normal function of cartilage and supports mobility and flexibility.

Clinical Strength
It is supported in over 25 clinical trials by product-specific clinical data in over 7,000 patients with joint discomfort.

The Original
Dona is one of the first Glucosamine Sulfate brands introduced.

Healthcare providers around the world recommend Dona to their patients.

Millions Sold
Dona is sold in over 60 countries around the world.

Recommended by Healthcare Providers around the world

How Dona® Works

Dona® contains crystalline glucosamine sulfate, a naturally occurring substance found in cartilage to cushion joints. Dona® helps in maintaining cartilage health so that you can actively participate in daily activities such as walking, climbing stairs, etc. Dona® has been proven effective and safe in major clinical trials. It may promote cartilage health, lubricate joints, and support joint mobility and flexibility.

Hear From Our Satisfied Dona® Customers

Real People, Real Results

Don’t know what we’d dowithout Dona!

“We both have been taking Dona for several years. It’s helped us in our mobility.”

- Alice L. Aman
Dona works

“My primary care physician told me years ago that Dona is the only Glucosamine that works. She was right.”

- Jessie Potters
Works for me

“I have used Dona tablets for years now. Took a three-month break and pain came back into me knee(s). ”

- Barbara N. Passman
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