The Drug-Free way To Help You Sleep Tonight

MidNite® Features

Relief for Sleeplessness
MidNite® offers low dose, extended release, and extra strength options for occasional sleeplessness, providing tailored sleep support

Quick Sleep & Prolonged Rest
Achieve faster sleep onset with all MidNite® variants, while Extended Release and Deep Sleep ensure longer, sustained rest with gradual melatonin release.

Melatonin & Botanicals
Each product features melatonin and a calming botanical blend, promoting sleep cycle regulation, relaxation, and restful sleep.

Safe & Non-Habit Forming
MidNite®’s drug-free, non-habit forming supplements ensure a grogginess-free awakening.

Variety of Forms
Choose from quick melt tablets to tasty gummies, while being gluten, lactose-free, vegetarian, and vegan.

Tailored Sleep Solutions

How MidNite® Works

MidNite®’s range of sleep aids is formulated to work seamlessly with your body’s natural sleep-wake cycle through melatonin, facilitating various sleep needs. Deep Sleep offers a generous melatonin dose for enhanced, rejuvenating sleep, while Extended Release provides steady, gradual melatonin release for a full, undisturbed night of rest. Alternatively, Low Dose, gentle enough for anytime use, aids in falling asleep swiftly when you need it, ensuring at least 3 hours of rest after intake. Each variant is designed to not only help you initiate sleep but also sustain it, offering tailored support for a tranquil, revitalizing slumber.

Hear From Our Satisfied Midnite® Customers

Slumber Success Stories

The Best Natural Sleep Aid

"I very much like this sleep aid. It's natural and doesn't have that groggy feeling the next day. It's fast acting and very effective."

- Jesse
Great Product

“I've taken this for 20 years and before that I could never find a product that didn't make me feel groggy.”

- Michele
Great Multivitamin

“Fell asleep fast and stayed asleep. Didn't feel drowsy the next morning.”

- Nicole
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