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Vivarin® Features

Mental Energy for All
Vivarin® tablets provide caffeine boosts without coffee's downsides, suitable for both men and women

On-Demand Energy
Experience enhanced alertness and wakefulness anywhere with Vivarin®'s convenient energy supplements

Safe & Effective
Each Vivarin® tablet delivers 200mg of pure caffeine, offering a safe, effective energy lift comparable to a cup of coffee

No Extras
With zero sugar, calories, or hidden ingredients, Vivarin® is a straightforward energy solution

Small and easily carried, Vivarin® tablets are your go-to for energy on the move

Caffeine Alertness Aid

How Vivarin® Works

Vivarin® tablets work by delivering a precise dose of caffeine to kickstart your body’s natural energy production mechanisms. Each tablet swiftly acts to sharpen your focus and enhance your mental alertness, providing a clean and dependable energy source without the unwanted extras found in coffee or energy drinks. This straightforward approach to boosting energy makes Vivarin® an efficient solution for those moments when you need a reliable pick-me-up.

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Excellent Established Product

"No taste because you swallow it, not chew. Works fast. We use to supplement a cup of coffee when we cannot stop when first get on"

- Mike D.
Works for hours

“Gives no acid reflux compared to just regular caffeine pills. You can feel it working for hours at a consistent rate.”

- Tina T.
Works Great

“I take these when I have to drive long distances. Keeps me awake. Works fast. Does not make me jittery or anything. Highly recommend.”

- Joe Q.
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