Shorten the Length of Your Cold

Cold-EEZE® Key Features

Shortens Colds
Cold-EEZE®'s clinically tested zinc gluconate formula reduces cold duration by 42% when taken early

Immediate Action
Releases zinc ions to potentially inhibit cold virus replication

Symptom Relief
Eases symptoms like cough, sore throat, and nasal congestion

#1 Zinc Lozenge
Trusted and pharmacist-recommended since 1996

Great Taste
Available in cherry, sugar-free wild cherry, honey lemon, and orange

The clinically proven power of Zinc Gluconate

How Cold-EEZE® Works

Zinc Gluconate is the active ingredient in Cold-EEZE®. The proprietary formula starts working immediately to release zinc ions in the mouth. The release of zinc ions inhibits the cold virus’s ability to replicate, shortening the duration of the common cold. Endorsed by healthcare professionals and celebrated for its effectiveness, Cold-EEEZE® is your go-to brand for safe and efficient cold relief across all stages of life and a variety of conditions.

Hear From Our Satisfied Cold-EEze® Customers

Real People, Real Relief


"I think this truly did thwart the cold I felt coming on! Not only did they work, but they do taste good! Better than I've had before!"

- Rachelle
My New Go-To

“I was really impressed with the taste and how well these truly worked on helping me get over my cold so fast.”

- George
Throat Tickles Be Gone

"Despite not getting much of a cold, I did develop a tickle in my throat, especially when in thrift stores which tend to be dusty."

- Elsa
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